Let's just say you need a writer. A fast, reliable writer. An easy-to-work-with writer. Someone who can deliver crisp, clean copy that resonates with readers. But hiring a complete stranger over the Internet? That's insane. You should get to know someone first. See if they're a good fit.  

Hi. I'm Nancy Hellmrich. I'm a free-range writer with an eclectic mix of clients from Manhattan to Melbourne, Australia. Prior to setting out on my own, I worked for ad agencies in big smokes like New York, Boston, and Denver. In August of 2001, I joined the "quit lit" crowd and ended up traveling ... a lot. Through it all, my background in database marketing and a well-honed obsession with word problems have made for a wild ride.

Much of my recent writing has been travel related and includes stories about America's national parks, destination weddings, Caribbean spas, camping in the Sahara, sailing in Greece, Sweden's Ice Hotel, New Zealand fly fishing, and more. I balance that work with meaty brand development projects, intelligent social media content, niche marketing campaigns, book editing, and the occasional cause-related effort.

I've been lucky enough to work with gutsy marketing people on big, juicy projects. Seriously. I once wrote a manifesto that got three Presidents' attention ... well, two real presidents and one Jed Bartlet. I've also written heaps of websites, online articles, and digital media teasers. I've penned evocative stories for big beautiful brochures, written articles and profiles for travel magazines, scripts for television, video, radio ... and quite a lot of well-received emails.

But enough about me, let's talk about what I can do for you ... 
creative concepts    •    marketing writing    •    advertising copy    •    articles    •    advertorials    •    profiles
database marketing    •    direct mail    •    versioned copy    •    web content    •    web sites    •    landing pages
digital content     •    interactive/app content    •    social content    •    broadcast/tv    •    videos    •    scripting  ghostwriting    •    speeches    •    training modules•    presentations    •    editing/reworking existing copy

If you've got a copy conundrum that's not on this list, don't be shy. Give me a call at 303 / 887 2224, fire off an email to nance (at) getnance.com, or fill out the form below. And now for a few (unsolicited) quotes from my clients ...

What they're saying ...

“You saved me.”     “You rock. As usual.”     “I’m flying over Colorado right now, blowing you kisses.”     “What can I say ... I know you're still crafting and grooming but already I am thanking my lucky stars....”     “You are incredibly talented and smart and you definitely *get it*!”    “Your writing is crisp, actionable and full of energy. I hope this is the beginning of a long partnership with you!”     “A heavy sigh of appreciation from me to you!”     “Bowing to you with many thanks.”     “I am always wowed by the quality and imaginativeness of your copy.”    “Great session at the conference, thank you!”     “Wonderful, as always.”     “I love it.”

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